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MexicoHacienda San Salvador, an old, converted sugar plantation, serves as the main facility for the large family of over 400 children. Always bustling with activity, its facilities are quite extensive and offer a small town feel with cobblestone streets.

NPH Mexico Facts

August 2, 1954

Children/youth fully supported:

Total services provided:
2,214 (includes children and youth fully supported, community children, youths and adults who receive support by either attending our onsite schools, receive scholarships, receive in-kind donations and or medical/social services.)

The main home is 27 miles southwest of Cuernavaca and 77 miles south of Mexico City. There is also a home in Matamoros, across the border from Brownsville, TX. Older children attend school and live in Cuernavaca, Monterrey or Mexico City.

Farms, clinic, chapel, primary and secondary schools; vocational high school in Cuernavaca

  • In 2016, food, clothing and other support was provided to 10 different communities, and the Hermanos Mayores program served 88 former pequeños by providing legal and financial support.
  • John Shinsky partnered with NPH and NPH USA in 2009 to open and operate the Ciudad de los Niños (City of the Children) home he founded in Matamoros. In 2016, four student from the Matamoros home were among the 76 graduates of NPH’s high school in Cuernavaca, and one of them was the valedictorian.
  • In 2014, corn production on the farm reached self-sufficiency, yielding enough to make nearly two tons of tortillas each month.
  • The National Director is an hermano mayor (“older brother”), who was raised at NPH Mexico.
  • Livestock, fish, fruit and vegetables are raised on the farm, which has new “green stations” (small ponds) to improve irrigation system and preserve the home’s natural resources. A second greenhouse was added in 2015.
  • The Estudiantina y Danza Troupe performs folkloric music and dances locally and in the U.S.

Mexico Facts

761,602 square miles – almost three times the size of Texas

123,166,749 (July 2016 est.)

Spanish, various indigenous languages

Lack of clean water, deforestation; hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes; illicit drug production and trafficking resulting in a high level of violence

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