Selected Videos

NPH International Volunteer Program
May 2015
9:35 minutes
Chris Hoyt of NPH Guatemala: Unconditional Love and Creating Families for Life
December 2014
2:26 minutes
NPH USA President and CEO Frank Donaghue: What Makes NPH Different
December 2014
40 seconds

NPH Volunteer Benjamin Shattuck: Why Giving Back Is Important
November 2014
57 seconds
Brenda Mendez of NPH El Salvador: Showing Our Children They Can Make a Change
November 2014
2:35 minutes

NPH USA President and CEO Frank Donaghue: How NPH Transforms Lives
October 2014
1:50 minutes

Sam: My Story of Success
October 2014
1:35 minutes

Stefan Feuerstein of NPH Honduras:
What Makes a Family
October 2014
2:37 minutes

Volunteer Linda Heinisch at NPH Guatemala
September 2014
1:08 minutes

Billy Jean: Finding Hope at NPH Haiti
September 2014
2:03 minutes

Ross Egge of NPH Honduras:
The Most Important Work I Can Do

September 2014
2:52 minutes

The Story of Darlene Milord at NPH Haiti
August 2014
1:12 minutes

NPHI's Board Chair Reinhart Koehler:
NPH Creates Families for Life

August 2014
1:20 minutes

NPH Family: Celebrating 60 Years
May 2014
8:30 minutes

NPH Education
May 2014
4:15 minutes

NPH Healthcare
May 2014
3:17 minutes

NPH Childcare
May 2014
4:10 minutes

NPH Haiti: 4th Anniversary of 2010 Earthquake
January 2014
3:18 minutes

NPH Haiti: St. Damien Pediatric Hospital:
Not One Be Lost

November 2013
2:21 minutes

Southeast Region Celebrates Pequeño Billy Jean
November 2013
2:03 minutes

Get Closer
October 2013
3:07 minutes

Our Path to Success
September 30, 2013
4:34 minutes

NPH Says, "Thank You, Delta!"
August 2013
1:58 minutes

Keep Their Hope Alive
March 2013
Cartwheel for a Cause

by March 11, 2013, and NPH USA could receive $6,000 to support our children!
NPH Dominican Republic's 10th Anniversary
8:52 minutes
January 2013
2012 Accomplishments at NPH Haiti
4:28 minutes
January 11, 2013
PBS: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
"Haiti Priest Doctor"

8:16 minutes
December 7, 2012
  "Feliz Navidad" performed by NPH Mexico's Estudiantina (student musicians)
1:03 minutes
2012 Opus Prize Winner:
Father Richard Frechette

7:17 minutes
November 2012
Fred Rogers PBS Series Old Friends, New Friends
Fred Rogers visits NPH Mexico and interviews Father William B. Wasson
5:04 minutes

Father Rick Frechette Keynote Speech at Midwest Gala
18:51 minutes
October 2012
St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
3:50 minutes
September 2012
Through Our Eyes
4:19 minutes
October 2012
St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Fund
5:54 minutes
October 2012
Child Sponsorship:
"Through Their Eyes"

3:44 minutes
August 2012
A Day in the Life:
Alber of NPH Honduras

2:01 minutes
May 2012
7:29 minutes
April 2012
Watch Video Upper Midwest Region 6th Annual Cinco de Mayo 5K Run/Walk
1:37 minutes
March 2012
Watch Video Haiti Anniversaries 2012
14:07 minutes
January 2012
25 Years of Friends in Minnesota
8:11 minutes
October 2011
Q13 Fox News Interview with Fr. Rick Frechette and Jean-François of NPH Haiti
September 19, 2011
4:01 minutes
NPH Dominican Republic: 101 Reasons to Come See Me!
July 2011
4:08 minutes
NPH Dominican Republic: Come See Me!
March 2011
5:11 minutes
NPH Haiti's Fr. Wasson Angels of Light School
April 2011
2:42 minutes
Greetings from Leslie of NPH Mexico (Spanish)
April 2011
21 seconds
  NPH Easter Message 
April 2011
2:58 minutes
NPH Haiti Earthquake Anniversary
15:00 minutes
Transforming Lives 2010
8:23 minutes
NPH El Salvador: "If You're Happy and You Know it"
1:05 minutes
NPH Turning Their Dreams into Reality
5:35 minutes
Click to play video. NPH Haiti
An overview of the work of NPH and FRIENDS
May 2010
11:43 minutes
The NPH Volunteer Experience

The NPH Volunteer Experience
9:18 minutes

Watch the Angels of Light Song video Angels of Light Song
written and performed by Esther, who grew up at NPH/NPFS Haiti
April 22, 2010
3:41 minutes
Watch the Angels of Light video Fr. Wasson Angels of Light Program in Haiti
April 13, 2010
9:59 minutes
NPH Dominican Republic 2006 NPH Dominican Republic 2006
5:47 minutes
 Watch a video about John Shinsky CBS Sports Feature on John Shinsky and Ciudad de los Niños
April 3, 2010
9:19 minutes
NPH El Salvador 2006

NPH El Salvador 2006
6:35 minutes

Watch Fr. Rick Frechette on NBC Nightly News "We have to build one world"
Fr. Rick Frechette on NBC Nightly News
February 10, 2010
6:16 minutes
NPH Guatemala2 006 NPH Guatemala 2006
6:04 minutes
Watch Video Message from Fr. Rick Frechette

Video Message from Fr. Rick Frechette in Haiti
February 10, 2010
8:59 minutes

NPH Haiti 2006 NPH Haiti 2006
5:55 minutes
Watch Sorting Haiti's Orphans on CNN

"Sorting Haiti's Orphans" Report on CNN
(features NPH Haiti's Day Camp Program) 
February 3, 2010
2:47 minutes

NPH Haiti 2006 NPH Haiti Hospital 2006
10:54 minutes
Watch Fr. Rick Frechette in Haiti video  


Fr. Rick Frechette in Haiti
7:08 minutes


NPH Honduras 2006 NPH Honduras 2006
7:54 minutes
Watch Invest in Their Dreams video.

Invest in Their Dreams
9:01 minutes


NPH Mexico 2006 NPH Mexico 2006
7:28 minutes
Watch Heroes of Hope.


Heroes of Hope
10:55 minutes


NPH Nicaragua 2006 NPH Nicaragua 2006
7:28 minutes
Watch Love without Limits

Love without Limits
10:49 minutes


NPH Peru 2006 NPH Peru 2006
7:28 minutes


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